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ELASTOMERIC INSULATED CABLES for Working Voltage upto & Insulating 1100 Volts as per IS-9968-par:1/1988 & upto 6.6 KV as per IS:9968 Part-II/81

Elastomeric Cables

Household Cables

The FR (Flame Redundant) House Wires, which are demanded for their special thermal properties. The bunched conductors are insulated with fire retardant compound. These cables can withstand overload with ease and emit lower heat, which reduce the power consumption. The insulation is resistant to boiling water, steam and vapors and prevents aging and cracking in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls, chemical industries


  • Specially formulated fire retardant compound insulation
  • Thermal properties enable the cable to hold up in case of overload
  • Easy winding & installation
  • High insulation resistance values
  • Its insulation is resistant to steam, vapor and boiling water
  • Avoids cracking & ageing
  • Suitable for seepage prone areas

Available Range 0.5 sq. mm. To 6 sq. mm.

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